SEGA files for NFT trademark in Japan

SEGA NFT trademark filing in Japan

There’s a ton of controversy out there regarding NFTs in games. Some games have literally grown around the concept of “play-to-earn” NFTs that are an integral part of the game. For some established games, however, the announcement of NFTs that can be purchased has created a huge backlash from fans who believe the gaming companies are just using NFTs for profits as opposed to enhancing the games.

Expect this battle to continue, but NFTs in games are here to stay. SEGA recently filed for a trademark for SEGA NFT in Japan, so we can expect a lot more of this from other game companies.


“The Metaflower Super Mega Yacht” NFT sells for $650,000

The Metaflower Super Mega Yacht NFT

NFT mania continues as prices keep breaking records. Along with NFTs for digital art and collectibles, we’re seeing an explosion of NFT sales relating to games and virtual worlds. Virtual land, buildings and other property in the metaverse are selling for astronomical prices.

One of the latest is the NFT for The Metaflower Super Mega Yacht which is available in the popular virtual world of The Sandbox. The NFT sold for $650,000 which naturally generated some criticism.

We’ll see if the criticism is justified. The popularity of the metaverse and virtual worlds is exploding, and many collectors are trying to get in on the ground floor by scooping up land and other property. We’ll see if they’re being smart, or if they’ll be hurting once the bubble bursts.


Netflix expanding into video games

Netflix on a laptop

Streaming powerhouse Netflix will be entering the video game business. Expect to see this in 2022 in the US as the company is already rolling this out in European markets.

Netflix has hired former Electronic Arts and Facebook executive, Mike Verdu, as vice president of game development, to lead this important strategic initiative. The company sees gaming as one of its biggest competitors, and this also offers an opportunity to differentiate itself from the likes of HBO Max.

At this time the company does not intend to charge an additional fee to access games.


Grand Theft Auto III turns 20

Grand Theft Auto III web screen shot

Where has the time gone?

Grand Theft Auto III turns 20 and a whole generation of gamers start to feel their age. The Ringer has an excellent look back at this influential game from Rockstar Games, citing how it “set a new standard for open-world video games.”


How Online Gaming Has Kept People Connected In The COVID Pandemic


Many of the friends and loved ones that were unable to leave their homes for fear of infection, or who had lost their friends and family in the pandemic, have found solace in online games. Their social circles are limited by physical proximity, but they can still be social beings as long as they stay logged into their favorite online game. You might think this is just a temporary comfort measure until people can get out into the world again, but you would be wrong. The people I talked to say that they don’t want to leave behind all those relationships they’ve forged with other players while playing these games; many of them find it more comforting than talking with other survivors who never played these games before.

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