The iPad’s effect on the gaming industry

The iPad is having a huge impact on the gaming industry, and the bog industry players are paying attention.

After Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook noted that iPad sales now surpass PC unit sales for HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Acer; Mike Capps, president of game developer Epic boasted that Apple’s new tablet computer has “more memory and higher screen resolution than an XBox 360 or Playstation 3.”

Hardcore gaming snobs may scoff, but Apple’s competitors are taking notice. In late October 2010, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said Apple was a more dangerous competitor than Microsoft.

76% of Apple’s revenues now come from ‘post PC devices’ — iPads, iPhones, and iPods, Cook said Wednesday. And gaming is one of the most popular applications for these devices. Of the top 25 paid iPhone apps, at least 22 are games; among the top 25 paid iPad apps, at least 12 are games.

To be sure, most of the casual games that are so popular on the iPad and iPhone aren’t as sophisticated — or expensive — as the best games on home consoles or dedicated handheld gaming devices. But Apple’s massive volume — Apple has now sold more than 55 million iPads — means its products are getting plenty of attention from developers.

It probably isn’t affecting serious gamers, but for casual games the iPad and smartphones have revolutionized the business as more people get hooked on Angry Birds or play simple games like chess or casino games. Now as the iPad gets more powerful with better screens, we might see it have an impact on serious gaming as well.


Bullz-Eye reviews the Nintendo 3DS

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’re well aware of Hollywood’s recent obsession with 3D… only, it’s not just Hollywood that’s obsessed. The video game industry has been eager to embrace this latest fad as well, with the Sony PlayStation 3 already offering several titles that are compatible with 3D-ready TVs. But if there’s been one steady complaint during this whole 3D craze, it’s that in order to take advantage of the technology, you have to wear a pair of clunky (and expensive) shutter glasses. That’s what makes the Nintendo 3DS so appealing, because it’s not only the first handheld device to offer 3D gaming, but also the first to deliver a completely glasses-free experience.

Though the system isn’t without its flaws, I was overall really impressed with what Nintendo has achieved with their latest handheld system. Head over to Bullz-Eye now to read my full review.


LoL: Short on news

iphone-4-gamesI’ve been short on LoL news for the past few days, mostly because there isn’t much happening. I’ve also been a bit busier than usual, so I’ve not been able to give as much thought to the state of the game (or even play all that much).

Today, the iPhone 4 announcement pulled me away from my typical coverage. I really like the iPhone, and the latest version is a nice little upgrade. I’ll likely pick one up and sell my 3GS along the way to cover the cost of the new phone and the $18 pittance they call an upgrade fee.

The official LoL boards are still down, despite the announcement that gave a 2-3PM PST maintenance schedule. I’d like to think Riot is rolling out some new features in preparation for Season One but I have my doubts. You gotta figure we’re getting close, though. Changes to existing champions get smaller and smaller week by week, which points to some acceptable level of balance on the part of the developers.


Apple bursts the mobile gaming bubble

Flurry iPhone games chart.Just look at the green slice on that pie chart. That’s exactly where Sony wishes the PSP was. Instead, it’s Apple. Yes, Apple. I never thought I would see the day that a computer manufacturer was stealing mobile market share from Nintendo but here we are. In just 21 months Apple has managed to snag 19% of the mobile market by revenue.

It’s a pretty impressive stat, considering the lower price of software for the iPhone OS. Can you imagine the number of transactions involved? The really bad news in this story is for Sony, whose revenues are down almost 50% from last year. The PSP Go was obviously not a hit – not that anyone expected it to be – and there hasn’t been much in the way of software to encourage any newcomers to the platform.

As far as total revenue goes, the iPhone OS is now 5% of the total market share, including consoles. If that’s not something for Apple to be happy about, I don’t know what it would take.

Source: Flurry


Bingo Bonanza

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