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Gamers can be quite competitive, so anything that results in rewards of any kind could become pretty popular. Enter Microsoft’s reputation algorithm for XBox Live. The company wants better behavior on their system, so they’re going to try the carrot instead of the stick. The idea is that if you reward good behavior, that’s more effective in discouraging bad behavior.

It will be fascinating to see how this plays out. In the heat of a live game, passions can get pretty heated, and frankly there a psychological and intimidation aspect to any good game, whether it’s a war game on XBox or Texas Holdem’ or other new poker games you can play in real time. Sometimes trash talk can rattle your opponent. Other times being quiet works as well, but that’s really up to the gamer.

Of course encouraging sportsmanship is a worthy goal, and I’m sure the behavior on these systems can get pretty bad. It must rival tthe comment section on YouTube and Reddit for depravity. But for many that’s a huge part of the fun.

Frank Savage, partner and development lead at Microsoft, says they are still in the brainstorming phase for Xbox Live’s reputation system, so who knows how this will play out. And I do like the rewards idea better than punishment for the reasons outlined above, though blocking and muting will still likely be part of the overall system. And of course you need those tools. The best gamers can find ways to intimidate without being offensive.

And this is the real lesson here. These are “games” and should be treated that way. If you can jab your opponent and get him off his or her game without being offensive and thus getting muted or blocked, then you’re a much more effective gamer. This applies in real life as well with games like pool, ping pong etc.

So take stock of this and up your game.

Our Favorite Movie Tie In Games

Ever since the early 1970′s merchandising with movies has been a massive market that has seen the cash roll in for the film’s backers. After a decade of t-shirts, lunchboxes and action figures, the early 80′s saw the first movie – video game tie-in as Hollywood looked to take advantage of the fledging home console market to bring in more cash. One of the first tie-ins was the 1982 movie/game E.T. The Extraterrestrial on the Atari and it was such a very poor effort it was cited as one cause of the video game industry crash. There have been many instances of poorly licensed games over the last 30 years, but there are also plenty of gems too and we list our favourite movie tie in video games here.

Chronicles of Riddick – Escape from Butcher Bay

The character Richard B. Riddick was created in the film Pitch Black, a low budget film released in 2000, and by 2004 a sequel, the titular Chronicles of Riddick, was being made and although the second movie did not do as well as expected, the spin off game Escape from Butcher Bay had the exact opposite story. The game was developed by Starbreeze Studios, published by Vivendi Games and is a first person action/stealth game, similar to Half Life or Splinter Cell, set before the first of the Riddick films.

Film actor Vin Diesel reprised his role of Riddick for the game that sees the title character have the escape for the Butcher Bay maximum security facility using both brawn and brain, just as Riddick does in the movies. The game was released on the Xbox in June 2004 to critical acclaim with IGN giving it 8.5/10, GameZone 9.2/10 and Game Informer giving 9.5. It also won three awards in 2004 and 2005, including the Unsung Hero Game of the Year (Editors’ Award) at the Golden Joystick Awards. An expanded and updated version was released in 2008 with the game The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena.

Star Wars: Battlefront

Battlefront is one of the great tie-ins with one of the great movie series’ as you take control of one character from one of the four main groups of protagonists from both the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy of Star Wars movies and battle to eliminate your opponents. The game came out in 2004 to fine reviews receiving a Metacritic high rating of 82% for the PS2 version, while said “Battlefront manages to stand tall as a great game that does the best job we’ve yet seen of playing out the battles of the Star Wars movies.”

There are many other Star Wars games that could easily feature on this list, such as The Knights of the Old Republic – although not a direct movie tie in – as well as X-Wing and TIE Fighter where you commanded the space craft of the Rebels and the Empire, but Battlefront with it pitting you at the centre of some of the biggest Star Wars battles edges it for us.

The Dark Knight

While there was a planned video game for the release of this 2008 Christopher Nolan follow up to the rebooted Batman Begins movie from 2005, but the game for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 did not materialise and was cancelled. However, from the embers of this there was another type of game linked to the movie – an online slot machine created by Microgaming. In December 2012 a UK resident, Jon O. – a member of free bingo games site – turned a 30p spin into almost £6m! This online slot machine features cinematic spins, with video clips straight from the movie, while both Batman and The Joker appear at random to award prizes.

Just how good is “Left Behind”?

So many games are geared towards guys that it’s understandable that many girls and women might have trouble finding games they can relate to. In a recent article in Wired, Laura Hudson explains why “Left Behind” is the videogame that finally made her feel like a human being.

Although women make up nearly half of all gamers, only a fraction of videogame characters are female, and fewer still are playable. Maybe that’s why I felt so shocked when I played Left Behind, the newest chapter of the award-winning survival game The Last of Us.

“I don’t understand how this is even happening,” I said over and over again.

I was playing as Ellie, a 14-year-old girl who must venture out alone into a post-apocalyptic world of monsters and murderers armed with nothing but a pocket knife, desperately trying to find medicine for her badly injured friend Joel. But if battling mercenaries and zombies as a teenage girl weren’t interesting enough, the half of the game with no combat at all is more compelling. After flashing back in time, you spend your time walking around a mall with your best friend Riley, talking, playing games and trying to repair your friendship after a falling out.

It’s difficult enough to find a game where a woman is the main character. Finding one where you play as a woman and have positive, meaningful interactions with other women? It’s like spotting a goddamn unicorn.

I’ve spent my entire life playing videogames, and Left Behind is the most emotionally powerful experience I’ve ever had in the medium – and not just because it let me play as a girl. After all, I’ve played as girls before. In a real way, in my real life, I’ve been playing as a girl all this time.

Read the rest of her article for some great insight on a female’s perspective. This can be a great resource for anyone developing games with female characters.

Choosing the Perfect Online Poker Room

pair of aces in poker with poker chips

With literally hundreds of online poker sites in the market today, it can be really tough to pick the right one. This is especially true when you consider that everybody wants something different. Some players value bonuses and promotions above anything else, while others just want a fish-friendly site where they don’t have to spend forever learning how to win texas holdem games.

So how do you find the best poker room for you individually? A great place to start is by looking at reviews of poker rooms. Dozens of sites across the net offer online poker reviews that explain the pros and cons of playing at each room.

What’s helpful is that these reviews are broken down into sections like software, bonuses, tournaments and competition level. This way, it’s easier to find what’s most important to you in a poker room.

Once again, be sure to check out online poker reviews when you’re trying to find a site that you’ll truly enjoy.

Gladiator slot game review


The Gladiator game is a great video slot based game based on the fight of coliseum and ancient roman warriors and it can be played via this link: The game has 5-reel, 25 pay lines and other wild symbol and Scatter symbol for bonuses. The game is free to play from PlayTech and it also features the play for real money for the casino or gambling lovers.

As the game is inspired by the Iconic movie Gladiator, it has Emperor Symbols and by getting 5 emperor symbols (Joaquin Phoenix) in a single spin you can win up to 5,000 coin jackpot. You can play Gladiator game from 25 pounds a spin to 1,250 pounds.

Scatter Symbol Bonus

If you will get 3 or more scatter symbol in a single spin you will get chance to play Coliseum bonus game and you can get prizes by selecting the stones in the game. There are so many prizes in the game including:

• Free spins
• Multipliers
• Extra wild symbols
• Extra Scatter symbols

And each of these prizes will increase the probability of winning the game and earn more and more.

Gamble Feature

The most fascinating and interesting part of the game is Gamble feature. When you will win for your chosen payline and get a perfect combination of symbol you will be able to click that “Gamble” button in which the two cards will be shown and showing a hidden card you will be asked about its color and just by choosing correct color you can double your money and play further.

Each time you will get a correct combination, you can play the Gamble game in it and double your money. But if you lost in first chance then you will lose your money as well you have won in the combination. So choose wisely the correct color in it.

There is complete info about the game and how to play in the tab INFO and it’s easy to understand it. When I started to play it, I started from free play gaming and learn about its basics and now I know how to play and even I made some money by the game.

Progressive Jackpot

9 helmets of either gold or silver or bronze can give you cash prizes. But how to get this jackpot it’s like mystery you need to play more and more. The jackpot can only be won by triggering from the base game. And if you will able to collect 9 Gold Helmets, you will win the Gladiator Progressive jackpot of $2,000,000.

How to play:

Start your game by making a bet and choose the value of your coin and number of coin you want to bet. Before starting the spin of the reels you should choose the paylines manually. After clicking the spin button you need to stop the reels manually. If you will get correct combination of all 5 reels then you will get some money and get the chance to gamble which explained further below.

Gladiator game has some buttons on its bottom, let me explain it briefly the steps to play

Bet per line – press to choose your betting amount
Select lines – Use to change the number of paylines
Spin – To spin the reels
Max Bet – Selects all paylines and spins at current coin value
Choose coin Bet – to select the coin value

My take on the game

After playing it I really feeling that the game is awesome and strong online betting game, easy to understand and to play. The PlayTech has made a best millionaire game for online casino lovers. And definitely the game will amaze you and you will love the game. As it is available for free to play and you can also make real money bets.

Reviewed by Jim Jacobs

And now about another type of online gaming

slot machines las vegas

It’s the year 2014, when online gaming is normal. People play first person shooters, strategy games, massively multiplayer role playing games, hell, even farming simulators through the internet, and it’s normal. The internet is a local area network of the whole planet, and gamers can connect to fellow gamers from half a world away. Nowadays these things are usual.

There is another form of online gaming, though – a form that nobody seems to consider gaming, probably because there is real money involved, and players need less skill, and more luck to win. It’s called online gambling.

You see, online games come and go. Every major MMO, online strategy title and FPS will be forgotten in a few years, while casino classics like blackjack and roulette will still be among the players’ preferences. Poker is one of the most popular online games, even with real money involved – the world’s biggest online poker room has over 50 million registered users from all over the world, and over 100 billion poker hands have been dealt through it since its launch in 2001.

Online casino gaming is also a popular form of online gambling. Millions of people from all over the world are playing at various online casinos, like the Euro Palace Online Casino, the online casino, the Jackpot City or the, to name just a few. Some operators even combine various forms of online gambling, offering their players the chance to bet on various sports events (this one I hardly consider gaming at all) and play a hand of poker, a spin at the slot machines, a round of blackjack or even some ‘casino darts’ (this one was a shock for me!) while waiting for the event to end. These operators are among the biggest in Europe, most of them with a long history in sports betting.

So, what games can you play at online casinos?

First of all, there are the classics: roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat and other card and table games. These are all considered traditional casino games, and are present in real life establishments as well. Some of them are centuries old, others are new versions of old games re-invented (and patented, of course) by modern day casino operators.

Another big game category – perheaps the one with the greatest variety – is slot machines. This invention is also over a century old, but it couldn’t reach its full potential until the late 1970s, when the first video slot machine was built. Since then these games have become available in hundreds, if not thousands of varieties – some are replicas of classic Las Vegas slot machines, others are inventive and surprising pieces of software built entirely for computer screens.

To have a complete casino offer, developers usually include in their offer other forms of casino games, sometimes called ‘parlor games’ – video poker, scratch cards, various casual games, keno and bingo.

Online casinos are popular for two reasons: their variety of games and the chance of winning. Some people gamble for fun, others try to gain some extra income by playing these games. For some casino gaming is like a job, for others it’s a form of entertainment that can eventually mean some extra beer money…

Games to Look Forward to in 2014

2013 was definitely a magnificent year for the gamers of the world. Next level games such as Battlefield 4, Grand Theft Auto V, The Last of Us and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, to name a few, had all the different types of gamers jumping up and down in pure ecstasy. With a year that had so much to offer, one might fear that 2014 might struggle to keep the hype and excitement alive. At the start of each new year, gamers come together, looking around nervously, wondering just what next generation game they will be able to sink their teeth into. It’s always a gamble, like on some website, as to whether a game will live up to the hype, but luckily, it seems that the future looks promising. Here are three games I’m looking most forward to for 2014.

The Elder Scrolls: Online

Release date: 4 April (June for consoles)

If you’ve played any of the Elder Scrolls games, there is no need for me to remind you why this is one of the most anticipated games of 2014. Set in the same world as the previous instalments, but a thousand years before the adventures of Skyrim, this open world game moves away from the single player mode and into the thrilling territories of online. This brings about a whole new dimension in the form of PvP combat, granted you don’t take an arrow to the knee.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Release date: 4 March

As an avid fan of South Park, and anything Trey Parker and Matt Stone are involved in writing, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that the hilarious duo would actually be writing the game too. My excitement reached a whole new level when I realised Obsidian Entertainment (creators of Fallout: New Vegas) would take the developer’s seat. Get ready for some fun shenanigans, South Park style!

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Release date: End of 2014

As a complete sucker for both third-person tactical shooter games as well as mass multiplayer role-playing games, when I read about The Division, which combines both formats, I could hardly contain my excitement. When a deadly pandemic hits, leaving the world battered and chaotic, it is up to the Strategic Homeland Division to pick up the pieces and save whatever remains, no matter the cost. This epic MMORPG will see players come face-to-face with AI, friends and other players.

By Jason Swindon

Net neutrality issues will affect gamers


At first glance one wouldn’t necessarily think of hard core gamers as politically aware, but that’s been changing recently as issues like SOPA and the NSA have grabbed the attention of young people who view the Internet as an integral part of their lives. If you think about who would be most upset by having to pay more for Internet speeds we’ve come to expect, or to not have that speed when accessing sites that don’t have preferred status on their ISP, then it would be hard core gamers who would go nutz if their gaming experience was threatened. So the recent ruling on net neutrality will likely spark some serious interest from gamers when they realize that their lifestyle is one of those most threatened by the latest ruling that sets back net neutrality.

Of course this won’t affect just serious gamers. Anyone who loves online video and streaming content will likely be affected. Even casual gamers looking for a game of chess online or are searching William Hill bingo bonus 2013 will be irritated if the game slows down. And we really don’t know yet how serious this problem can become, and whether it will even be perceptable to the average person. Will a slight delay in chess or bingo get people upset? Again, it depends on what one defines as “slight” and how radical the ISPs get in forcing sites to pay up for easy access.

But when it comes to gamers, nothing short of instant reaction will be acceptable, so the political and commercial fallout might be quick. From a business point of view, it seems that there are lower margin ISPs who can win some serious business attacking the big boys and marketing a net neutral service. Of course this carries risk, as the bandwidth sucked up by new customers might really hurt margins, but there still might be a great business there playing volumes over margins.

The biggest problem may be with innovation, as startups and new gaming companies won’t have the funds to pay up for smooth Internet access.

The entire web experience will potentiall be threatened if net neutrality becomes a thing of the past. If people are going to stop this, it’s safe to expect gamers to be among those leading the charge.

Play online poker and other games in New Jersey

poker dealer

New Jersey has been in the news quite a bit lately, as we’re seeing the underbelly of one of the most corrupt states in the country. Louisiana is another, but there’s something about New Jersey strong-arm tactics that set it apart.

Still, there’s plenty to like about New Jersey politicians as well, particularly when they tell the politically correct suits in Washington to go to hell. There’s been all sorts of controversy through the years as the feds tried to stop people from enjoying themselves by playing poker and other games online. Then we had a court explain that federal law didn’t cover games of skill like poker, and now we have a bunch of states led by New Jersey making it clear that they’d like to control how people entertain themselves in their state. The state of New Jersey is now allowing its citizens and people in their state to play online.

The latest news has Richard Branson’s Virgin Group getting involved as they have teamed with the Tropicana Resort in Atlantic City and online game maker Gamesys. They will offer online poker, blackjack and slots this week. The state hopes to bring in $1 billion in casino revenues this year by imposing a 17% tax. Finally, something that makes sense.

Of course people have been playing for years and this industry is growing like crazy. Everyone accepts online poker as a new and fun form of entertainment, and many new poker champions started by playing online. There are tons of poker sites for American players and there always will be, but now we have states getting in on the act and that should make things even better for consumers.

Hopefully, this push from the states will finally get Congress to adapt consistent rules and regulations, or at least make it even easier for states to innovate. Poker has become such a popular game and it seems silly to deny people the right to enjoy it in their pajamas. Sure, real casinos are fun, but sometimes staying home and playing on your own is even better.

Classic hockey game from “Swingers”

“I’m going to make Wayne Gretzky’s head bleed for Superfan number 99 over here.” That’s the classic quote from Trent in “Swingers” as he taunts his friend Sue as they play hockey on the Sega Genesis. It’s one of the great scenes from this amazing movie and probably offers one of the best summaries of gaming in the 90s. Grantland just posted this great oral history of the making of the film and they discussed the making of this scene.

Ludwig: Wayne Gretzky’s head bleeding was the hardest thing to shoot in the whole movie. We finished up and we had the camera for another 72 hours before we had to return it. So we had to shoot an insert of a TV screen where one of them makes Wayne Gretzky’s head bleed. We’re in the editing room with the TV set and we’re playing that game and the editor can’t make Wayne Gretzky’s head bleed and then I can’t make Wayne Gretzky’s head bleed, Doug can’t make Wayne Gretzky’s head bleed. And we’re shooting this for a couple of hours and we can’t do it. So we called up Jon in the middle of the night, it’s like one in the morning, and he comes over and he can’t do it. And finally we had to call Vince and get Vince over there at two in the morning. Four and a half hours after we started, he gets Wayne Gretzky’s head to bleed.

One of the reasons this film became such a huge cult classic on video is that it truly captured the midset of young men, particuarly men in their twenties. It was about chasing girls, cool night spots, slick clothes, video games, gambling in Vegas and so much more. The road trip to Vegas was another critical part of the movie. These were not the kind of guys that be happy to play bingo of course. They wanted action in Las Vegas, even if they were broke and some of them were clueless about the basics of blackjack, which led to another classic scene in the film.

But for many guys, even those who aren’t gamers, the Gretsky video game scene is still one of the most memorable in the film.

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