Japan gets a ‘This Is It’ PS3 bundle

This Is It PS3 bundle.If you live in Japan and have a freaky Michael Jackson fetish, Sony’s got the deal for you. For some reason, and that reason is probably that Sony is the one releasing This Is It on Blu-ray, Sony has decided to bundle the MJ documentary with a PS3, available only in Japan.

For just over $350 USD you get your 120GB PS3 (the fatty, not the skinny one), a DualShock3, a USB cable, your A/V cable, a 120GB hard drive, AND a copy of the super-smash-mega-awesome-hit-documentary-dance-off This Is It featuring none other than Michael Jackson himself. It’s a good day to be a b-boy.

Once again, only available in Japan starting January 27th. You also get a nifty and exclusive PS3 wallpaper.

Source: Kotaku


Amazon has your Xbox Live sub on the cheap

Xbox Live Gold Subscription.If you’re in the market for an Xbox Live Gold subscription this month, Amazon has you covered. Of course, subscriptions you buy at retailers are usually a card with a code, so even if you aren’t up for renewal for six months this may be worth your time. Amazon is selling the normally $50 subscription for just $34.99.

Saving $15 isn’t a bad deal at all. The product page doesn’t list an end date for the deal or a stock count, so I’d get mine as soon as possible.

Source: Amazon


Funcom offers “unlimited” Age of Conan trial

Age of Conan box.Funcom is offering up a holiday special on Age of Conan, granting conditionally free access to anyone who downloads the client and creates a new account between now and January 1st. The developer calls it an unlimited trial, “a special holiday offer to anyone who wishes to experience the sexy and savage world of Conan.”

You only get to play for free up to level 20, at which point Funcom hopes to lure you into spending money on the game. Level 20 is pretty generous, but I found even getting to that point a chore. I’m pretty sure I quit the game somewhere around level 11. The “unlimited” is in there because at level 20 you could conceivably start all over, playing through the same content you’ve already seen. I know people do this in MMOs, but usually not until they’re significantly into the game.

Check the full press release for more details.


DJ Hero gets a $20 price cut

DJ Hero in action.Despite endorsements by some of today’s biggest names in hip-hop, DJ Hero has seen some pretty weak sales and even worse reviews. If price was the the thing holding you back, the Guitar Hero Store has a treat for you – its knocked $20 off the price of the rhythm game, bringing it down to $79 for this generation of consoles and $64 for the PS2.

To get the promo price, which is temporary, enter code “DJHPP1” on checkout. That’ll free up your Andrew Jackson for other holiday gifts this year. Might I recommend something from the Bullz-Eye gift guide? I think I might. I think I just might.

Source: Slick Deals


Weekend deals: COD4 and the Target Wii sale

Target store logo.As the holidays inch ever closer it’s nice to be up on all the latest deals. Some of them are even good enough to get a little something for yourself.

For starters, Target is offering the buy-2-get-1 deal that’s been so popular lately on Wii games. Unfortunately it only applies to games (no accessories this time around) but it is for every game. Get yourself some Wii Sports Resort and throw the other two at your brother/son/roommate. No sense sending them out of the house, right? Sale starts tomorrow.

Steam’s offering a chance to play through COD4 before the release of Modern Warfare 2 drops. The old-school version is a whopping 40% off retail, down to $23.99, up until Monday. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t played the game, but if you lost your discs or something, at least Steam is here for you.


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