Why is there a lack of casino games on the PS3?

Since the world of gaming has taken off in such a big way, the amount of adults who are now playing console games has risen to an all time high. But this raises the question, why arnt their any adult games for the Playstation 3? There are plenty of games aimed at just children but how about a casino game for adults. Many games offer an insight into the world of casinos offering the odd moment in the game where a character tries his or her hand at a game of blackjack or poker. However there are currently no games that offer the full casino experience for players. So far many games touch upon gambling yet non offer the full casino experience.

It could well prove to be a popular idea to offer a game on the PS3 that gives the gamer the opportunity to control an onscreen character and walk up and down a casino, order some drinks, play some slots, sit down at a poker table or play roulette. The gamer has the opportunity to build up a reputation as a high roller on the Vegas strip, or they could go one step to far and have to build your their fortune again. All of this would allow the gamer to experience the thrill of a casino without actually betting real money. Perhaps seeing the effects of winning and loosing in a virtual world will provide some with those high and low feelings many high rollers have felt before.

Currently one of the only games available that offers a casino experience is ‘High Stakes’, a game that offers the gamer the chance to play 5 variations of poker, but they’re all hold ’em variations: Billabong, Shanghai, Tahoe, super hold ’em, and Texas hold ’em. The lack of classic games such as black jack, roulette and other casino favourites lets this game down. However until somebody commits to creating a new casino game ‘High Stakes’ may be the best bet. Until that day we will have to make do with the odd casino experience we can gain from games such as Red Dead Redemption or online sites such as GamingClub.co.uk.


March Madness apps

The NCAA tournament is living up to its billing again as one of the premiere sporting events out there, and like other premium events like the Super Bowl or The Masters, it actually drives quite a bit of app development as companies try to cash in on the popularity of this sport.

That’s always been true with broadcasters, blogs and fantasy sports games, along with tons of web-based bracket games, but now many app makers are joining in on the fun, and the ability to enjoy these games is being enhanced as a result.

This list covers some of the cool apps related to March Madness. There are tons of apps with the bracket feature that let’s you pick your games, but there are many other cool apps as well for basketball fans. Naturally, the NCAA has created an app where you can watch all the games live. For junkies who want to see every last-second win live, like Aaron Craft’s game-winning three for Ohio State, then this is the must-have app for the tournament. An app like this is great if your girlfriend is dragging you somewhere during the games. Some guys will just say no and head off to a sports bar, and there’s an app for that as well if you’re looking for the best place to watch the game. But some guys have girlfriends dreaming of an engagement and surfing for rings on sites like Primestyle.com. The guy may not be in a hurry to go along, but he doesn’t want to lose her either. So in that case, insisting on a sports bar over the place she wants to go can be a real problem, so that’s where the live apps are ideal.

I’m still looking for some games that go beyond just picking winners. Long ago we played a fantasy game at work where you could pick players in the tournament. You had to pick based on how much they would scores per game, but also on how long they might be in the tournament. It was a great game but I haven’t seen anything like it. Now that would be a cool app!


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