5 Shooting Games Worth Trying

Shooting Games are some of the most popular games today, as most gamers find it deeply satisfying to hunt down their opponents and knock them out with one shot or more. The best gamers in this field must have mastered the skill and accuracy required to get one good shot to knock down online adversaries. Shooting games could serve as the perfect stress reliever and can be played by anyone, whether they are a beginner or not, as long as they understand how it works.

Some of these games are free but may require in-app purchases to unlock features that would give you a better experience. If you would love to play online shooting games, the list below could be a perfect place to start from.

1. World Craft 2

World Craft 2 is an action-packed fun design game set in a blocky world where you shape things as you wish and bring your imaginations to life. You can use materials like wood, stone, and clay to build these blocks and explore your imaginations no matter how wild. The game requires fighting against fierce monsters while trying to feed and stay alive; you could also build a shelter to keep you warm through long nights. Your success in this mini-world exploration game is determined by how long you can last while fighting. Maximize your unlimited access to many block items and create your desired world through the game.

2. Deer Hunter

Deer Hunter, like its name, requires you to search for some deer while you deal with tough scenarios. You are the hunter in this game with weapons and tactics and your main goal is to kill all the deers in the forest. This game also involves real-time weather changes, which gives you an experience of the real world forest while you hunt for more deer.

3. Combat Reloaded

Combat Reloaded is an excellent game that requires teamwork to kill all opponents. The goal is to kill all opponents while using as many different weapons as possible. The game is quite intense, which makes it one of the top options for many gamers. Simply join a room and work your way to victory with your team.

4. Sniper Reloaded

Sniper Reloaded is a first-person 3D shooter game that features 2 maps, realistic physics and is also proven to be addictive for most gamers. The goal is simply to fight against terrorists and to destroy them. You, however, need to focus to be able to take down all your targets, as you carefully keep a watch on your ammo and health.

5. Subway Clash

Subway Clash is a real-time deathmatch game that features great 3D graphics and multiple weapons. You would have to descend into subways while you lead your team through the fight and against the multiple bullets fired in every direction. Ensure you pick up health boosts and weapons to sustain you through the journey and for the fight. The number of opponents you were able to shoot would determine your place in the leaderboards.


There are already enough games around to last a lifetime but most people would rather play a fun-filled intriguing game. If this is you, the games listed here are definitely worth a try!


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