Fancy Betting on Something New? Check These Options Out

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If you are looking for something new and different to gamble on this week, we have some exciting options for you. The sports betting sphere has become so popular that there are very few sports or events on which you cannot place a bet, which means that there are plenty of new and exciting options for you. The most popular sport when it comes to betting is no doubt football, but this is most certainly not the be all and end all of betting. Check out these options for betting, and why not have a try on something new this week.


A clear indication of just how widespread betting is, you can now bet on e-sports, which is people playing sporting events on video games. The players who play within the e-sports community are professional players who practice hard, like any other sportsmen, in order to be at the top of their game. E-sports online betting is becoming more popular each year and there is actually a greta del of money in this type of betting. As with any other sport, you can view form guides and statistics about the players, in order to make the right pick.

TV Events

Betting is not just restricted to sporting events and in fact there are a lot of TV shows on which you can place bets. TV competitions are the most popular events to bet on and you can select the winner of X-Factor or Britain’s Got Talent, place your bets on who’ll win the Great British Bake Off, or even on who will walk out of the Big Brother house victorious. This type of betting really adds something to the shows themselves and you can boost the excitement with a little flutter on who you think is going to win.


The beauty of betting on tennis is that there are games on almost all of the time, with hundreds of competitions taking place across the world, throughout the entire year. I love betting on tennis because of the sheer volume of markets that are available, and in particular I enjoy betting in-play. You can bet on who wins the next point or set, how many games will be in the set and of course, overall winner of the match.

Mixed Martial Arts

The growth in popularity in mixed martial arts is incredible and in lien with that popularity spurt, has been the opening of many more markets to bet on. It is not just the UFC that you can bet on, you can also pick fighters from other franchises, giving you plenty of choices on where to put your money. Within MMA you can bet on who will win, the method of victory and you can also bet on the individual rounds.

What are you waiting for, try something new this week, you may win big.


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