Entertaining tips for a gaming night with the gang


Planning a gaming night with the gang? Then think outside the box and do something more than a typical get together. Junk food, beer and chips are great, but with a little planning you can make it more of a memorable event.

Think of it like planning a real party and you come up with some cool ideas. Planning is the key to a smooth event. The first step in the planning process is to secure the date and budget.

One idea is to make an investment in some good booze. Instead of the crappy beer you normally buy, think about getting a cool selection of craft beers. Try to pick stuff the guest have never tried. You can do the same with a good bottle of whiskey or tequila. That could also spice up the gaming experience, especially if you reserve a good bottle as a prize for whoever wins the night’s competition.

On the food front you can also do something unique. You don’t have to slave over the kitchen stove, however. Just find a cool spot that does dinner takeout and prepare the ultimate gamer feast.

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