An expert review on the game – Strike Force Heroes 3

The Globe X is has returned with their expert army of clones who are yet again ready to station their troops and bring back the world under their control. Each and every member of the Strike Force Heroes has given in to the reprogramming of GlobeX. Strike Force Heroes 3 by Sky9Games has slightly departed its way from the Strike Force Heroes series in different ways but the basic factor of the arena shooter action still remains the same. In all the previous installments, the soldier moves, crouches and jumps with the arrow keys and sets an aim of shooting with the click of the mouse. As soon as you switch between weapons with the key ‘Q’, you get streak bonuses by shooting a number of enemies in a row without you dying.

Strike Force Heroes 3 game – A team-based game

SFH 3 is an entirely team-based game and within this team you will be controlling just the captain and all the other games are controlled by Artificial Intelligence. Hence before you pass on this game and give it a pass, you should be aware of the fact that the AI system is pretty well designed to offer the challenge which is sought after. Things may initially start slowly at the initial level but then you will find yourself moving toe-to-toe against the AI opponents of your team.

Apart from the main mission of this game, there are some other modes too including capture points, deathmatch, capture the flag and the team gun game where you can upgrade the weapons of your team with every kill. There are some other custom games which you have the discretion of deciding the parameters of the game. You are allowed to fight in a 5vs 5 PvP match through custom game by getting the squad code sharing the code with them.

Strike Force Heroes 3 – Better than ever

The Strike Force Heroes 3 is bigger and even better than before as it takes the series to a new level with faster gameplay and more content. You can shoot your way through a number of missions and keep changing your game mode. Check out the pros and cons.

 Enough possibilities for squad mates, endless weapons
 Multiple modes of games to keep matches from looking repetitive
 Some popular heroes make a comeback though it is tough to get them
 Sounds effects are cool
 The artwork may take a while to get used to and the graphics is also good enough

 The graphics seem a bit too cartoonish and they are the culprit for all problems regarding the game’s performance
 No storyline of the entire game
 Having to fight with the new recruits and soon get tired
 The classes of weapons are confusing initially

Despite all its flaws, the game is fun to play but yes, as per what the gamers experience, it is nothing as compared to SFH 1 or 2. The 3rd version doesn’t seem to continue the story and rather feels like an add-on pack.


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