How to Efficiently Level Up in Paladins


Progressing on Paladins can sometimes be a bit of a long and arduous journey with the only real option of progression being through obtaining cards. These cards can be used in custom decks to give you a boost to your champion or even change the way you’ll play your champion, but in order to obtain them you’ll either need to spend money, craft or level up. The majority of us won’t want to pay for the card chests in game, so levelling up is the most common way you’ll obtain them, so here are some tips for levelling up at a better rate.

Find a Good Group to Play With

Games like Paladins were meant to be played in groups. If you ever watch any E-sports, you’ll quickly see how playing with a group of people can turn the tide in some game modes. Not only will you be able to effectively compete against other players, but you’ll also find it easier to rack up those levels. If you play as a support class, you’ll find it a lot easier to support your teammates if you can communicate with them. Nothing is worse than playing as a healer and having the person you’re trying to heal keep running about due to no organisation. Don’t worry though, if you’ve not got too many friends, as sites like lfg-network have you covered.

Switch Up Your Class

So you don’t feel so confident running up close to rack up those kills, and want to stay back with another class. Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone to level up a bit more effectively. You’re not going to get that experience just sitting back and waiting, so why not switch it up a little bit? You may find that a different character or tactic works a lot better for your experience gains.

Make Sure You’ve Got a Good Deck

So you’ve got a good character and a decent team, but maybe there’s something missing. A good deck can mean the world of difference in Paladins. Using a site like Paladins Decks, you’ll be able to change your Skye from a run and gun champion to a full flank playstyle. The possibilities are limitless here, but a good card loadout can really open up anybody’s potential. You may not have all the cards you need to make some of the decks, but at least you’ll be able to see the synergy that you can get from some combinations.

Look Into External Software

Technically not an in game method to level up, some game tools, otherwise known as Paladins hacks will give you a real advantage in gaining those kills. Whether you’re trying to spot those enemies through walls or just need some general assistance with your aiming, some of these external tools can really boost your competitive edge.

Hopefully some of these tips will help boost your levelling progress on Paladins, and help you reach those levels and bonuses that come with them. So what are you waiting for, it’s time to put these tips into practice.


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