Looking at different gaming platforms within the gambling industry


The gambling industry has evolved rapidly over the last few years, and with the huge number of different technologies that are coming into play, this is leading the way to a number of different gaming platforms. Not only is this creating a brand new, more immersive experience for gamblers and gamers alike, this is also providing a new competitive market and drawing a whole new demographic of players to the gambling world. These new gaming platforms will begin to involve far more players and will ultimately advance the industry even more. We’ve put together a list of the different gaming platforms that are being introduced within the gambling industry.


Online casinos have been growing and growing over the past 10 years, and there’s a number of reasons for this. The main one is the fact that many people can’t always get to a bricks and mortar casino, and at the same time even if they can some people don’t want to. Logging onto their computer quickly and easily, for as much time as they want to, without having to dress up and head out, is the really attractive option for gambling. With the growth in popularity of the internet, it was only a matter of time before bricks and mortar casinos were going to head to online, and it’s no surprise that it’s been such a popular hit. With a number of promotions, a more extensive collection of games in one place, and the choice of how long you want to play for, online casinos are a huge hit, and have actually led to a growth in the industry – and with the amount of tax that is succumbed to a casino, it has also led to a growth in the economy too.


Mobile casinos are one of the most important evolutions of the gambling industry, and as consumer needs began to change, the gambling industry adapted to it. More and more people have smart phones, and smart phones have boomed in the past few years. The flexibility of an online casino, and the fact that people can access their account from anywhere, at any time makes them a very attractive option, to gambling pros and gambling amateurs alike. On top of simple gaming apps and mobile optimised websites, other new mobile gaming platforms have been announced, with the likes of easyPlay Mobile Tournaments coming into play. This allows people to take part in tournaments across nine of MGM’s casinos – without even having to be there! This is a huge advancement and it’s likely to see this take off in the future.

The Future – Virtual Reality

The future of the gambling industry is likely to lie with the different technologies that are beginning to come into play in the gaming industries. Virtual reality and augmented reality are really beginning to take hold of consumers and the fact that they are becoming commercially available, makes this type of gaming the most natural progressive step for the gambling industry to take. Augmented reality will make it seem as though the player is playing in a tournament sitting at their table at work or at home using their smart phone or other form of device. Virtual reality on the other hand, will produce a truly immersive environment for players, putting them in a whole new gambling environment, with just the addition of a headset. The future of gaming platforms for the gambling industry is an exciting one as it develops alongside new technologies.


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