Playing online game as you are a supreme ruler of the ancient Greek city


Spartan Wars: War of Empires is a strategy game that is played online with other players from around the world. Has background in Sparta, a region in ancient Greece known for its fighters. In this game you are a ruler of the city. You have to build your city, train troops, and fight with the other cities.

In the game, first of all you will be guided to build a City Hall serving as the center of your government. In building a city, you need resources. For natural resources, you need gold as a medium of exchange, wood stones as building materials, and foodstuffs. Each of natural resources requires a separate building to get it. You also need a lot of slaves that can be generated by building cottages. The maximum number of slaves you can have depends on how the developing City Hall is. Note also that in employing slave, you still have to spend some money.

One interesting feature in the Spartan Wars is God card. The card is a symbol of Greek gods such as Hades, Poseidon, and others. Each card has two different effects, ie the effect of the war (Combat Skill) as well as the effect in town (Skill City). In the city, you can activate the card by putting it in the Temple with the function of Worship. Similarly, in the fight, before sending troops to war, you can determine which card you use.
Of course you need to fight the troops. You can train it to build soldier barracks. There are various levels of force available, and in line with the development of your city, you can train troops to be more powerful.

With the diversity of features in the game, it could be not suitable for your casual players. The developer has provided a tutorial feature that is very helpful in starting the game. You can also continue to follow the existing Quest to develop. This game has been downloaded million times since its releasing. Are you curious? Just playing it on Plarium online games to get more exciting experiences. There you would be given a lot of bonuses, tips and tricks related to this game and many other games.


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