Big LoL changes in store next week?

We’re fast approaching the end of Season One, a huge milestone for Riot and one that hopefully means we’ll see a deluge of new content for Season Two. We might get some news about some long-anticipated changes as early as next week. If Rinoa’s Twitter stream is to be believed, the company is taking a cruise on Wednesday of next week. That’s the day after patch day, folks.

Personally, I’m not getting my hopes up. I’m…pessimistically curious? I think the problem with a major content release in May is that there are so many other games that Riot will be competing with later in the year, potentially Dota 2. Unless there are some major feature releases planned at that time, Riot would be stuck hoping player enthusiasm can tide people over through the changing MOBA landscape. I don’t think that’s a realistic assumption.

That said, Dota 2 doesn’t look to be changing much about the game, other than adding an official support/development structure, so it could be the case that LoL carries on just fine. The game seems to continue to grow, even if Riot has squandered some of the good faith of the veteran player base. At any rate, keep your eyes open for big changes next week.


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