Apparently the April Fool’s patch includes champion changes


So…the April Fool’s patch seems to be a way for Riot to buy some extra time on a sizeable content patch. I thought the patch would just be a Lee Sin release, but it seems there’s much more coming tomorrow.

From Tamat:

At 11:30 p.m. PST on Thursday, March 31st, we will be bringing all game servers offline for the highly anticipated April 1st update! During this time, you’ll still be able to visit our website and forums. Downtime should take no longer than four hours making our current ETA for service restoration at 4:00 a.m. PST, on Friday, April 1st. Comprehensive patch notes are coming soon, featuring sweeping changes to many Champions of the League. Get ready to celebrate Urf Day and see what — or who — is coming to League of Legends!

I definitely didn’t expect this. I just figured Tuesday was light on content, we’d get Lee Sin tomorrow and then have a sizable patch next week. It seems that content is actually coming in tomorrow. Could it possibly include the Alistar remake?


Are you excited for tomorrow?

I am. I’m pumped that Lee Sin is indeed real, though I don’t understand making us wait a few extra days. It’s also weird that Riot called the Lee Sin spotlight from March 29th the “April Fool’s Spotlight,” when the actual April Fool’s spotlight is the real deal. It’s just a strange situation, one I don’t really get.

I actually think Phreak might not have been lying when he said they weren’t sure about Lee Sin’s power level, even if he was making a joke about the hazy effect on the first spotlight. Honestly, I kind of hope it’s the truth, otherwise the wait makes no sense.


Lee Sin spotlight is funny but worrisome

I almost hesitated to post this because, as I keep saying over and over, I’m still a little worried about what’s going down with Lee Sin. Still, this spotlight is funny, even if the blur will make your eyes go a little crazy. My personal favorite part was Baron Nashor killing himself.

As the patch notes have it, Lee Sin won’t be out until Friday.


Riot announces new skins, leaves out new bundles – uh oh

Well, I’m nervous. Riot posted its usual “new skins” post, but it’s missing a key component: “…and bundles.” The post that showcases skins in the upcoming patches also shows off the skins for the new champion and the bundles available at release.

Thing is, I don’t understand why Riot would do this. By all accounts, Lee Sin is real, unless Riot is pulling a misguided prank. We already have a splash screen. We already have an in-game model, even though it could just barely be seen through the blurry troll spotlight that just posted.

There are some other skins coming out, though, and they actually look pretty good. I’ve been playing a lot of Warwick lately and I like Firefang Warwick better than just about any other Warwick skin out there. Kennen M.D. isn’t bad, though I wish he looked a little different than Doctor Shen. Workshop Shaco looks solid, too.

Tomorrow could be a very good day or a very rough day for Riot. Right now, I’d imagine most players feel like their alcoholic uncle has been making jokes all week about “not drinking” at Christmas this year. If he shows up drunk, everyone’s pissed. If he shows up sober, everyone’s just waiting for him to get drunk so they can play out the anguish they prepared for all week.


FG Minecraft Mondays tonight – 9:30 PM EST


It’s Monday, and though that hasn’t meant a ton of game time together lately, we are on for tonight. I know we’ve missed League of Legends for a couple weeks in a row, but I think it will be good to settle into a Minecraft schedule as well. We’ll pick back up with LoL next week (hopefully with Lee Sin in the mix).

So tonight, get ready to get your Minecraft on. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently playing on a server called DarkTide. You can check out their official website/forums at your leisure, but make sure to get whitelisted on their thread.

I’ll be in game as “TheWuggler.” A few friends and I have a protected village known as Landfall and I would be happy to help you find your way out there once you’re online. Hope to see you online tonight.


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