Xypherous sheds some light on the Eve/Stealth remake


We’ve been hearing about an Eve remake for months now, but nothing has really happened, other than of course the big nerfs she caught a couple weeks back. Now that things have leveled off a bit, players will undoubtedly start to get restless for a full remake. Xypherous, one of the newer designers at Riot, shed some light on the process thus far.

It’s a long but fairly interesting read if you have the heart. Basically, they keep changing and changing things, hoping to land on that magical spot where she feels both decent to play and to play against. I think it’s going to be a tough thing to balance. Long duration stealth is a big problem for this game because so few champions have a way to directly counter it, and too many counters makes the mechanic unenjoyable for the stealther. There are a couple stealth mechanics that I think are fairly well implemented, though.

Akali stealth seems pretty good, though I would like her to appear a bit longer than she currently does on attack. Shroud works for her opponents because they can generally guess where she is and adjust accordingly. Shaco, though he has his issues, is actually a good example of stealth these days. He can use it for positioning an attack, but in most cases, players see the little puff of smoke he leaves in his wake. It also has a short enough duration that he is compelled to attack shortly after he enters stealth or he’ll be vulnerable to attack shortly after.

Eve just has too many tools for extended stealth to work. She can stun, has a nice nuke/debuff, and can heal massive amounts of health, which refreshes her ability to deal sustained DPS. Add to that her high mobility and you have a champion that frankly, shouldn’t have passed the drawing board. Based on the direction the rework process has been headed, I’ll be interested to see where we end up in the next couple months.


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