The great Yi experiment: part two

Master YiIt’s just a couple days after I first mentioned the great Yi experiment, but I’ve had the opportunity to play him in quite a few matches and I’m feeling a lot less twitchy and much more confident on the Fields of Justice. As you can see from the screenshot I’ve been holding my own with him, and he’s helped me rank up to almost hit 1500 ELO (just three…more…points!). I’m also starting to realize that Yi’s redesign has helped him a lot, and made him very sturdy, even with an AD build. You still really have to watch out for stuns, though. They will be the bane of your existence.

For a long time I thought Ghost was a Yi necessity, but I’m really coming around to Flash as a better alternative. It can help you avoid stuns, and once you have Yuomu’s, your Highlander/Yuomu combo will be as fast as most ghosted players. I’ve also stopped focusing on the Wuju buff so much because after the first rank the benefit is negligible compared to successive ranks of Meditate. For the most part that has worked well.

If you have other tips, I’d love to hear them. My build runs based on my farm. It’s almost always Madred’s Razor -> Yuomu’s unless my farm is unusually good, in which case I’ll jump straight to an Infinity. From that point I’ll go Stark’s or Last Whisper depending on my opponents’ armor stack, after which it’s just a matter of managing your incoming damage and trying to avoid stuns while working your way toward the enemy casters/carries.


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