Extra rune pages now for sale

Rune books for sale.One of the biggest parts of this patch is the ability to purchase additional rune pages from the in-game store. In my mind, Riot really should have made at least one more page free of charge. After all, this is nothing more than a convenience charge for people who want to customize for several types of characters.

A single rune page can be purchased for either 6300 IP or 590 RP (hello, IP dump), while a book of pages can only be purchased using RP, at a price of of 2600 RP. I should also point out that once you buy one page, you can no longer get the 7-page bundle, which would still be a reduced price over buying them separately. A little message appears that says, “Purchasing this Bundle will put you over the Rune Page Limit.”

Despite the high cost, this is still a good thing. I’ve been sitting on 25k+ IP for months now, buying the new champs whenever they drop, including the recent 6300 combo of Vladimir and Galio, so it’s nice to have another place to spend my IP. Honestly, though, I don’t see myself buying more than two pages. I’ve picked up one for now and I can’t really think of another option I’d like to have around.


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