All Roads Return to WoW: The first 48 hours

Tauren Druid.When I started my little WoW experiment I knew the first 48 (not playtime, just the first two days after resubbing) hours were likely to be the litmus test of my enjoyment of the game. If I got bored or lost interest or just generally wasn’t enjoying myself, I wasn’t going to spend any more time trying to rekindle the flame. Despite a whole slew of problems, I actually enjoyed the first couple days back.

When I first resubbed I jumped around my characters just to see what was new. Most of them had reset talents, so I didn’t screw with them too much. Since I was going to be playing with friends on a new server, I fired up a brand new druid, thinking I’d level him for kicks alongside my only 80, my hunter. I had somehow forgotten along the way that leveling a druid prior to level 20 is about the worst thing in the game. Why they still won’t give you cat form at 10, bear form at 20 is totally beyond me.

I started thinking about other classes, but then I went back and looked at the class previews for Cataclysm and realized my best best for leveling will be then, when the original world has changed and classes like the hunter have received their respective mechanic revamps. Lucky for me I had a 66 druid sitting on my old server and quickly transferred him to my friend’s server.

By day two I was having fun blowing through some quick quests in Nagrand. The buff to normal flight speed helped a lot. I was 68 in just a couple hours and on my way to Northrend.


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