LoL: Do you smurf?

Master YiToday’s post is more a question than anything else. I’m wondering who else out there spends time on a smurf account. I created one a while back to have some fun, but it’s proved useful for a lot of reasons. I wanted to sneak in my usual lunchtime game today but my first game got dodged and the second was host to a Yi/Teemo first pick and I just wasn’t feeling it. I dodged and decided to jump down to the smurf account to try a few things out.

It’s also been nice to have an account to use with my brother and his friends. Several of them are lower level or new to MOBA style games. It doesn’t make sense for a level 30 account with 800+ wins to drag a level 8 who has never played a DotA-style game into a higher ELO bracket. I try to play toons that I wouldn’t normally dominate a game with so that it’s not a complete wreck for the other team, but it still gives me the chance to play with some lower level players.

I’d really like to see this kind of functionality added to the game, and I’m guessing ranked games will be the answer. As much as I worry about my wins and losses, they won’t matter a whole lot when ranked games come out. That will be the venue for serious competition and I’ll be free to watch my regular ELO tank while I work on my jungle Yi skills.


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