LoL: Finally got my 900th win

900-winsThere it is, all shiny looking. It’s not the milestone 1000th, but it’s fun to see each hundred go by. They’ve all been different, and my focus has been on completely different toons. For this one, I’ve made my rounds back to Shaco, and I’m finally getting back into his playstyle. And damn if that clown isn’t fun.

The only unfortunate thing is that the big 900 is that it’s sandwiched between a load of losses. In fact, I’ve only won two games out of my last ten, which is a rough way to go. The good in all of it, though, is that I’ve pulled some nice records despite the losses. It’s been a fun way to change my focus in the games – trying to perform well, even exceptionally well, in the face of defeat. At the very least it’s a great way to start to prepare for Season One.

For the data freaks, I have losses at 14-7 (Kat), 16-4 (Shaco), and 12-4 (Shaco). Oddly enough I have just two losses in which I had a negative K/D ratio, and in both games it was by just one death. I think I can live with that.


Mass Effect movie rights picked up by Legendary Pictures

Justin Shepard.If anyone in the video game industry knows how to tell a story its Bioware. The company is the gold-standard for story based games, so it comes as no surprise that some of its handiwork is drawing attention from Hollywood. THR reports that Legendary Pictures, the studio behind Watchmen, 300, and The Dark Knight, has purchased the rights to a big screen version of Mass Effect.

Obviously, it’s way too early to speculate on this one, but if anyone can do the video game movie right, I’d think Mass Effect gives some great source material. Of course the one guy that comes to mind for Justin Shepard is the guy from Prison Break, but who says it has to be a doppleganger.


Reach: The Good, the Badass, and the Ugly

Most of the time this blog is dedicated to happenings in Riot Games’ League of Legends, but I do occasionally branch out and play other games. Halo is one such game, and I’m always excited by the announcement/experience in the latest the franchise can offer. I got to play a bit of the Reach beta, and there was a lot to like (finally, a needle rifle). There was a lot I didn’t like, too, but I can hold my judgements for a release version of the game.

For now, you can see some of Bungie’s thoughts on the beta in the video above. There are some great shots, and I love that they included an ugly section for all the things that just shouldn’t be happening. Hopefully those will all be fixed by September 14th, when Reach officially launches.


LoL: What feature are you most excited for?

French Maid NidaleeFor the most part I think LoL is in a pretty good spot. The game has at least a semblance of balance, by which I mean I feel pretty free to play a wide variety of toons to some degree of success. That said, there’s still a bit to be desired, and some features have me more interested than others.

I’m most looking forward to Season One. I could desperately use an ELO reset at this point, and having an option for ranked matches that accounts for one to two-man premades differently than four or five man will be really nice. From what the reds have said on the forums, Season One should also bring more stats to the game, which is something I’ve been dying for since my first game. The stats at are great, but they’re voluntary. I’d like to see something that compiles results for all of my games, regardless of whether or not I upload my logs.

I also like that I’ll have a place to goof off without worrying what it will do to my ELO. As it stands, I use a smurf account to mess around and play games with random champions and strange builds. I’d love to be able to do that on my main, which Season One should afford. I’ll screw around in normal games and save my tryharding for the ranked matches.

What are you guys most excited for?


LoL: Early game kill priority has a huge impact on your late game

Not a good target.This is something I’ve been meaning to write about for a while but just haven’t quite had the words or experience to force me to do so. I finally had that moment though, so here’s the post.

League of Legends is a unique game in a lot of ways. While most competitive games try to level the playing field as much as possible, games like LoL reward players who get kills and penalize those who die, creating a snowball situation that can heavily favor those who play well in the early game. I’ve been a part of countless games in a which what appears to be a better picked or much more skilled team loses because of mistakes in the early game. I know, it sounds like a “duh” kind of situation, but I think I have a decent way of describing the situation for newer players to understand.

There are a lot of factors that affect the outcome of a fight, not the least of which is farm. If you play your cards right early, though, you can make the late game much more agreeable.

Here’s your situation: early game your damage is limited by both your spell rank and your mana/energy/cooldowns. As the game progresses, your damage is capped only by your cooldowns in most situations. Because of this, you need to pick your targets wisely in early fights. Choose targets with low health over higher health, even if they may be significantly more difficult to kill when you account for escape skills. When you blow your entire damage pool and your target lives you’re in a very bad position early game. If that target saved you a little love, they will put you in a hole.

The issue here is that the tankier toons, even if they’re the closest target, will only get tankier as the game goes on. If you miss the kill on them early game, they probably do enough damage to kill you. If you miss the kill on them late game, there isn’t much they can do unless they are a toon with a lot of CC. It’s crucial to keep extra gold away from the tanks as much as possible in the early game. Try to focus on ganks you know you can get early, and it will make your life late game so much easier.


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