LoL: Kennen data for the haters

Kennen victory list.I can’t believe how many people think Kennen is underpowered. I just don’t understand. I’ve been playing him almost exclusively since the patch and I’ve been a dominant force in every single game. I could understand if I was playing at a fairly low ELO and noobstomping, but I know my stats aren’t so bad. Honestly, I’m just a few percentage points away from a high-ELO play if recent posts are to be believed.

Here’s a look at my last ten games as Kennen, all victories (yes, I finally pulled a nice winning streak). Several of them I did run with a premade, but for most it was either partial premade or solo queue.

Victory: 13-0-2
Victory: 5-0-2
Victory: 3-0-6
Victory: 13-2-6
Victory: 9-1-13
Victory: 10-3-10
Victory: 4-1-5
Victory: 10-0-4
Victory: 9-0-3
Victory: 13-2-3

Total numbers are 89-9-54. I’m averaging almost 9 kills a game on Kennen with less than one death per game. I’m sorry, I just don’t see how anyone could think he’s UP. I can’t wait to have this little ninja on my top 3 list.


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