LoL: Riot teases Gentleman Cho’Gath, announces another legendary Corki skin

Red Baron Corki.The Riot announcement forums have been a flurry of activity this weekend, though not for the things you might expect. Personally, I’ve been waiting on the Twisted Treeline matchmaking release every week since it debuted on the Test Realm. Instead, there was news of a cafĂ© disturbance.

The perpetrator appears to be Gentleman Cho’Gath, a long rumored/desired skin for your favorite alien champ. The post included a crude sketch of Cho in a top hat and tuxedo with a monocle and a cane. Personally, I love the skin idea, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see it release with a fairly hefty price tag.

Speaking of hefty price tags (nice segue, no?), Riot also announced another legendary skin: Red Baron Corki. Why Corki needs two legendary skins is completely beyond me, but maybe he’s just easy to remodel. The skin drops our fearless pilot into a red biplane. It actually looks really damn cool, and one of the screenshots even featured Gentleman Cho, albeit in badly photoshopped form.

I’m assuming we’ll see Corki in the Shen patch, but it’ll probably be some time before we get the Gentleman. Now I just need to try and win a couple tourneys for the Riot points to buy that overpriced Corki skin.


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