LoL: Support Runes

Support rune page.As my ELO has improved it’s become increasingly important to have a good mix of tank, support, and DPS on a team. I’m plenty willing to fill that role for my team, so I like to have a good rune page to support it. The problem is, I like to play a lot of different toons, so I like my rune pages to be applicable to just about anyone. That’s a tough thing to pull off for support, but here’s what I’m working with.

For now, I focus on CD reduction and a little mana regen and some armor. The last is because I was playing an armor stack Rammus for a bit (lot of fun if you haven’t tried it – just make sure you itemize properly against mages). With my 9/0/21 mastery, I’m sitting at almost 20% cooldown reduction, which is great for someone like Alistar or Rammus. I tend to use this page for toons like Blitzcrank and Nasus if I’m playing support as well. The real frustration comes from the red runes. There just isn’t much that makes sense for a lot of toons. Most of the support/utility marks are such low percentages that spending the IP doesn’t make sense.

I’ll probably continue to mess with various setups using Tier 1 or 2 runes, just to see what I like. I would hope for a mark buff, but I don’t think that’s very likely. What do you like to go for? Magic Resist? Armor? The scaling buffs?


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