Peter Molyneux says his X10 announcement will get people ‘super pissed off’

Fable III logo.Peter Molyneux recently told Gamereactor that there would be some big Fable III news announced at X10 this week. Of course he won’t say what, just that it’s going to be upsetting.

“There’s some very, very big things happening in Fable,” Molyneux said. “Bigger than you think, and it’s going to really upset people.” He said he’s actually scared to give people the news because, “They’re going to get super pissed off, they really are.” The weird thing is he seems excited about it. Excited to piss off his constituents. Granted, he’s done this before. In fact, every Fable release has had something to get a little miffed about, mostly involving missed expectations.

My guess for this, as is Joystiq’s, is that he’s modified the storyline from Fable II in some way, making it a dream or some equally horrible storytelling technique.


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