Place A Bet On Larry Fitzgerald’s Well-being

Larry Fitzgerald will almost definitely hurt himself like this.There are plenty of people who think the Madden Curse is fake. Yet somehow every year fate finds a way to prove those people wrong. It could have something to do with repeatedly putting oneself in harm’s way for sport. Maybe it’s bad luck. Either way, we’re half way to fulfillment this year, as Troy Palamalu is sitting a few games. Will Larry Fitzgerald share that fate? Why not bet on it?

That’s what is asking. The site takes sportsbetting to a new level,` giving users a chance to pick the game in which Fitzgerald will meet his fate. Get it right and the payout is 9 to 1. There are quite a few games left in the season, but your cut’s pretty nice if you pick the right date. If Fitz makes it through the season, (I can’t believe I’m going to write this in its original context) all bets are off. You’ll get your money back if Fitzgerald somehow makes it through the season injury free.


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