Madden 10 Sales Are ‘Discouraging’

Madden 10 for the Wii.It looks like the world is finally catching on that Madden doesn’t change much from year to year, and they’ve stopped buying. Sales are so bad, in fact, that even EA is calling the numbers “discouraging.”

How bad is bad? According to IndustryGamers, the Wii version of Madden only sold 67,000 copies in the month of August. In case you don’t remember, EA was supposed to completely rework the game for the Wii because the game just didn’t work on the platform. By this time last year, Madden 09 for the Wii had sold almost twice that number.

Sales for the other consoles looked a good bit better, but still not great for such a major franchise. EA shouldn’t be surprised, though. Why in the midst of a recession would gamers blow money on a game that, as I think I mentioned, doesn’t really change. When the industry’s down, you can bet the first thing to go will be yearly reworks of the same concept.


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