Lionhead Announces Fable III With A Short Trailer

Fable 3?With Lord of the Rings-like bravado, Peter Molyneux took the stage at GamesCom to give us the latest in his over-hyped, over-promised series, Fable. The new game, Fable III, sets the player as the king of Albion, poised to make decisions that will change the face of the realm. As always, you can be good, evil, or somewhere in between.

The game actually sounds pretty cool, I just can’t get my hopes up about the Fable projects any more. I’ve actually waited until now to even pick up Fable II. Yes, it looked cool. Yes, I wanted to get it at launch, but frankly, I was pretty disappointed with the original. Molyneux just hyped it so much that it sounded incredible. In reality, the “moral choices” were pretty mundane, and once you started murdering the townsfolk it was a little hard to stop.

I have heard great things about Fable II, but I’m going in expecting the worst game known ot man so that things seem in proportion. With the first, I wanted the best game ever. This time I’ll take the other route. For the third, I’ll finally be able to run in with middle of the road expectations. Check out the trailer below.


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