Madden 10 Demos Coming for End of Month

Madden 10 cover.Madden 10 has already gone gold, leaving just one question to my mind: Is the game any good? I think we all knew it was going to sell, regardless of what’s actually inside the box. Luckily, though, EA is giving people a chance to play the game before the August 14th release.

On July 30th, both Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will be able to download the regular demo, which features a night game between the Cowboys and the Giants during a snowstorm. Nothing like snow and specular lighting to show off a game’s new looks, right?

Those of you who went out and preordered from Gamestop will get an extra special treat. For starters, you get your very own demo, available just one week from today – July 23rd. That demo hosts the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Arizona Cardinals in a rematch where you can prove just how bad the cardinals really were. Make those twenty minutes count. We wouldn’t want Kurt Warner to get a big head.

Downloads will be available at midnight.

Source: Kotaku


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