PS3 Is 70% Cheaper To Make Than At Launch

The Playstation 3.During a conference call, Sony corporate CEO Nobuyuki Oneda said the PS3 is now some 70% cheaper to make than it was at launch. Most estimates suggest the PS3 was around $800 to build in the beginning, which puts the console at just $240 now.

The obvious question – does this mean we’ll see price cuts some time soon? I’m inclined to say no, since Sony seems to be losing money everywhere, but that might be a great way to get a leg up on the Xbox 360. Sure, no one likes to be losing money on hardware this far into the product cycle, but imagine getting a PS3 for $250! I’d probably go buy one tomorrow out of pure disbelief, especially if it came with a decent hard drive. Microsoft’s cheapest console is so pared down I couldn’t really justify buying one.

Sony could keep prices where they are to try to recoup some of their recent losses, but why let the world know the price has gone down so far? So we know how much is headed straight to Nobuyuki Oneda’s bonus check?


iPhone is More Powerful Than The Wii

Tales of Monkey Island.
That’s according to a TellTale Games developer by the forum name “Yare,” anyway. He said as much while addressing user concerns about the performance of Tales of Monkey Island on Nintendo’s Wii.

Here are a few of his more interesting thoughts on Wii development:

The voices and textures are the way they are because we’re limited to 40 megs for WiiWare titles. The PC versions of our games are usually 150+ megs, and most modern games range anywhere from one to ten gigabytes or more. Talk to Nintendo about this one.

Frame rate issues will probably get sorted out eventually, but keep in mind that the Wii is just not a powerful console. An iPhone is much more powerful than a Wii, even. The Wii and DS are extremely underpowered and their popularity doesn’t remove the hardware limitations.

He definitely makes a good point regarding the popularity of Nintendo’s devices. Just because they’re popular doesn’t mean they don’t have limitations.

Source: Examiner


Facebook, Twitter To Hit Xbox Live This Fall

Facebook running on Xbox Live.For those of you thinking you might see Facebook or Twitter with the new dashboard update, you’ll have to wait. Not for long, though. Microsoft marketing man James Halton said today that Microsoft is set to release the social networks this fall on their Xbox Live service.

Halton would only get so specific as to say “”It will be before Christmas. A lot of the background work’s been done for a lot of applications that are coming.” So maybe that’s what comes with the August 11th update – background support for more up and coming applications. If you recall, that update also includes games on demand and Netflix movie parties.

Facebook/Twitter integration brings the 360 closer to the goal Microsoft so touted at the console’s release: to be the entertainment hub of the house. Now what’s there to get you off your couch? Oh, right. That would be Project Natal.


DJ Hero Gets Hardshell Case, Makes DJ-ing Less Cool

The DJ Hero Renegade Edition.In my little Cleveland ‘burb I’m constantly exposed to hipster wannabes. They sit on street corners by the bars most of them aren’t old enough to get into, strumming air guitars or playing air bass or even air drums. They play Girl Talk loudly through their iPod earbuds and shout to their friends, “This is my new mashup! I just have to make sure the levels are right!” I trust you can imagine the fingers moving furiously up and away and then back toward the mp3 player.

When I first saw DJ Hero I immediately thought of these kids. Now they’ll have another “instrument” to poorly imitate to their friends. And it comes in a case no less! That’s not just a hardshell guitar case photoshopped with a DJ Hero logo, that’s the game’s Renegade Edition, complete with a turntable case that doubles as a stand.

There’s still no word on pricing, but we do know that the Renegade also comes with an exclusive 2-CD set with unreleased tracks from the likes of Jay-Z and Eminem. With games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero on the decline I’ll be interested to see what sort of response Activision receives for DJ Hero. As I mentioned, I’ve got a few people in mind who will almost certainly buy a copy.


Amazon’s Halo:ODST Pre-order Nets You An Extra $10

Halo 3: ODST.Whenever I look to pre-order a game, I look to the place with the most freebies. I’m going to spend the money anyway, right? So why not pick up something extra?

For those of you looking to do the same with Halo 3: ODST, you might want to consider Amazon. They’re putting $10 back into your Amazon account on September 22nd, the day the game ships out. They’re offering the same deal on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition. You know, the package with the night vision goggles?

Consider yourself a true Halo fan? Spend the $10 on books 1-3 of the Halo series, including The Fall of Reach, and get ready for the next franchise installment early.


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